The National Elephant Center is committed to providing the best possible animal care and ensuring the health and welfare of each elephant.

We care for each animal on an individual basis and closely consider each elephant’s individual history, health and personality to ensure its physical, physiological and social needs.  The Center’s design allows for optimal flexibility to provide a high quality-of-life for elephants.

Animal caretakers use positive reinforcement techniques to develop a positive relationship with each animal.  Rewards are offered for positive behaviors, such as displaying a foot during a routine check-up.  Elephants decide how they want to spend their day and we adjust our caretaking accordingly.  We also provide world-class veterinary care and a scientific diet based on nutritional standards.

We love and respect elephants.  We’re dedicated to ensuring their well-being in our care.

Focused on Safety

The safety of the animals and staff is our number one priority, which is reflected through our facilities and operations. For example, there is always a physical barrier between elephants and caretakers.  Caretakers do not occupy the same space as elephants and always work in teams.  Our trained animal care professionals follow extensive safety protocols during daily care and special procedures, such as veterinary check-ups and exams.

The National Elephant Center adheres to the highest standards of elephant husbandry available, including the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)’s Standards for Elephant Management and Care and AZA Principles of Elephant Management.  Additionally, we adhere to regulations by all local, state and federal agencies.